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Depression / Treatment

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Why Our Community Needs Improving Lives 501c3
  • “I need counseling services, and I can’t afford my co-pay.”
  • “I wish I could have a therapist to help me process everything that has happened in my life, but I don’t qualify for assistance because I don’t have any kids.”
  • “I want to learn how to make better choices. Counseling would be really helpful, but right now, feeding my family is more important.”
  • “I don’t have the gas money to drive to a therapy appointment.”
  • “My counselor was really helping me, but then I lost my insurance. Now I can’t afford the sessions.”
  • “I am a single parent and can’t afford childcare. I can’t take my 3 little ones to a counseling session.”
  • “I really want to work on my issues in therapy, but finding a place to live has to happen first.”
  • “How on Earth can I focus on dealing with my issues in counseling?
  • I work 8-5 and I can’t find an agency open after typical business hours.”