Cindy Grady

My name is Cindy Grady and I am humbled and honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Improving Lives 501C3. As a Tulsa native, it is so exciting to be a part of an organization born in Tulsa that doing so much good.

The subject of mental health is a tough one, and my hope is to help Improving Lives stay at the forefront of the battle to decrease the stigma around mental health and help those who cannot afford care get the services they need. I have a personal history of mental health issues, so helping others rise above their struggles in this area is one of my highest priorities.

I am currently practicing Case Management alongside my full time position with Bank of Oklahoma so that I can remain on the front line and help members of my community as much as possible. I also previously served as the founding Executive Director for Improving Lives, so I know first hand the kind of impact the organization is making on a daily basis.

I am so blessed to stand alongside my team members at Improving Lives as we fight to provide mental health services to those in our community who cannot afford care.