How We Serve

Improving Lives, Inc. offers reimbursement to up to six visits with a clinician or a combination of therapy and case management or other adjunctive services. Improving Lives, Inc. is in the community developing relationships and educating about the disparity in access to mental health care.

Our counselors work with parents and their children to learn more effective ways of positively interacting, improving child compliance, and reducing disruptive behavior.

We work with you to develop better communication skills, more effective discipline, and better boundary setting, creating a more healthy and loving family unit.

A team comprising of persons from multiple systems collaborate together to develop and carry out an individualized treatment plan specific to the needs.

Case Management is designed to help empower clients and guide them along a path to become independent.

Children and adolescents face many problems and challenges as they progress through different phases of their lives.

Whether it is a lack of trust, poor communication, loss of respect, infidelity, abuse (verbal or physical), constant arguing, issues with children, addictions, or other problems, we are here to help.

One-on-one counseling allows you to openly talk about your thoughts and feelings while being assisted by a professional, nonjudgmental and caring therapist.

Life Coaches help you unlock your hidden potential by empowering you to find answers within yourself.

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